Two Different Shades Of Red

In response to today’s Daily Prompt – Isn’t Your Face Red:

When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment?

Earlier today.  Typing my last post.  Right before I hit “Publish”.  Right after I hit “Publish”.  This morning after waking when I first logged in here and remembered I had posted it.  Wasn’t sure if I dared to look at my notifications.  But I did.  And thanks to the comments a number of my kind readers left behind, the embarrassment started to fade.  Thank you for that.

My last post is called I Bought A Hat.  I Don’t Like Hats.  Read it and you’ll know the whys to both parts of the title.

I generally don’t like to be embarrassed either.  But when it comes to this gosh darn hat situation, I have my picks of being embarrassed.  I have control over which shade of red my face will be.  Here are my options:

I can wear my hat, feel self-conscious, and blush
-OR-   I can not wear my hat and get a sunburn on my face, head, or neck.

I can wear my hat and put up with some looks and giggles
-OR-   I can not wear my hat and put up with some additional cancer biopsies and procedures.

I can wear my hat and look like a fool having to run to catch it when the wind blows it off my head
-OR-   I can not wear my hat and feel like a fool for having to run to the doctor every time I see a new freckle on my face.

I can wear my hat and be red hot angry about it not going whatever attire I have on
-OR-   I can not wear my hat and be red hot ticked off that my clothes don’t cover up the new spots on my body.

I can wear my hat and buy even more of them, making my kids “suffer” through helping me find ones that look okay
-OR-   I can not wear my hat and make my kids really suffer through finding out my cancer has gotten worse.

I think I’ll wear my hat.  That shade of red is more complementary on me.  The other shade of red is ugly and won’t look very good on me.

Maybe wearing my hat will give me my IDGAS license, just like Vi describes in this Freshly Pressed post.  Check it out.  Maybe you’ll find out you can have an IDGAS license too.  Regardless of your age, or your state of health.  Sounds like it could be fun.  Care to join me in the fun? And don’t forget to bring your hat!



12 thoughts on “Two Different Shades Of Red

    • Willow – thank you so very much. That is one of the kindest compliments I have received here at along the side of the road. It made my day so much I even told one of my kids about what you wrote. Thank you again. I’m really happy that you’re enjoying my posts and that they prompt you to explore new thoughts. That’s what I look for in blogs I follow too. Hoping you have a happy day … Marianne

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      • You are very welcome. You join two other blogs I do that with. They are both virtual world blogs, the subject of my blog so I guess they are “work” related.

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        • Just popped over to check it out and gave you a follow. Know nothing about virtual worlds but don’t know much about hats either so time to start expanding both knowledge bases!
          And thanks for the link on your site. I really, really like what you wrote about my blog. Fits what I’m after for some of the kinds of followers I hope to have. Again, a fine compliment that I am grateful for.
          Looking forward to sharing more travels with you Willow … Marianne

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  1. Kudos to you Marianne. It is difficult to share our realities, especially the ones that we haven’t quite accepted yet. May you take comfort that your admissions will help others. Perhaps one day, you will consider the hat more of a fashion statement and wear it boldly and proudly. Perhaps it will be a cap with ‘f*** you cancer’ on it. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you all the best.

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    • Yeah, the hat is starting to look better to me as I glance over at it every now and then. Doesn’t look “bad” on me, not sure about looking “good” though, at least not yet ha ha. But you’re right, it will be protecting my skin and that’s what this new game I’m playing is all about now so I’m all in. Thanks again for the note, hope you have a happy day … Marianne


  2. Thank you for the follow, I hope I can help you understand virtual worlds. They are a lot more detailed and complex than most people realize. Most people dismiss them as some sort of video game but they aren’t a frivolous game for me and quite a few others.

    Virtual worlds are my main social outlet.If you’ll watch the video I made for the “Why I’m in Second Life” section of my blog I think you’ll be a long way to realizing the appeal of a virtual world.Enjoy you day!- Willow

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