Shoot For The Moon …

In response to today’s Daily Prompt – Lucky Star:

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post.
What are your three wishes and why?


1.  I wish for The Daily Post to set up a 1-on-1 mentoring program.

I just completed your Blogging 101 course which was freakin’ awesome!  I can’t say enough great things about it.  Okay, well maybe I can with a little Bah-Bah-Bah and a little Thank You.  And I’m really looking forward to taking ALL of the courses you offer over time.  However, sometimes 1-on-1 coaching is more suitable than getting feedback in group settings.

For example, I might be considering changing my theme.  A coach can help me preview alternatives with my existing content and since they’ll know where I want to take my site, they’ll be able to comment on the pros and cons of each one.  They’ll be able to see things I might not see or consider.  Then, when I make the switch, my coach will surely have some great tips on my widget usage, creation, and placements.  And because they will know me a little through my essay application to the program, the mentor will be able to provide personalized advice on my posts.  They might suggest I don’t use such-and-such a tag anymore, or recommend a new category to launch.  My mentor of course would read all of my posts over the coaching period, so their guidance to me could even be as simple as telling me to put the “Read More” tag in one line down to make a post look better.

Features of the of the program could include but are not limited to …

  • Site assessment in a technical perspective
  • Site review from a content viewpoint
  • Brand development
  • Ways to increase engagement and readership
  • Assistance in reaching target audiences
  • Suggestions for how to connect with other like-minded bloggers … I get lost in my Reader remember?
  • Making a blog site profitable

The program would most certainly involve existing WordPress staff and The Daily Post contributors.  But we know that, while you are all definitely unlimited in your breadth and depth of blogging expertise, you are however limited in your numbers.  So, the program could also recruit volunteers to be mentors.  We have SOOO many great bloggers here, I’m sure it would be easy enough to find folks who would be interested in giving their time to such a terrific program.  You do power more than 20% of the web right?

Well I could go on and on and on about this wish as I have a ton more thoughts on it, so if you’d like to hear more, email me.  Or, grant me wish #2 and message me.

Better yet, since I just signed up to volunteer at WordCamp Toronto 2015, maybe this idea could be a roundtable topic for the conference and you could introduce the idea there, gather attendees’ feedback, and build the business plan for putting such a new feature together for the new year???

2.  I wish for The Daily Post to create a messaging feature

I learned in Blogging 101 that no blog is an island.  So I guess that means no blog author is a shipwrecked sailor without any personal contact with the rest of the world then right?

I think it would be incredible if you would create a messaging feature so that one WordPress blogger can contact another WordPress blogger privately.  Sometimes we want to reach out to someone but in a context that isn’t really a fit to use the commenting feature for.  For example, we might want to ask them how they created their awesome header, logo, or featured image.  Or it could be a really personal comment or question we don’t necessarily want the whole world to see.  Maybe somebody read between the lines so to speak of my Brilliant Disguise post and wanted to reach out to me for support, but naturally didn’t want to leave a comment for others to know what they were doing.  Perhaps we’re just trying to connect with other bloggers nearby geographically in a real-time, real-world way for coffee to talk about starting up a new local writing group.

A messaging feature would certainly add to the invaluable shared experience that makes our WordPress blogosphere keep turning on its axis.  It would be the naval radio system helping all of the captains of the blogging ships stay in touch with their comrades and maintaining the ever flowing energy that is needed to help us all navigate the waters.

3.  I wish for The Daily Post to upgrade me to the Premium package at no charge.

I realize my first and second wishes are a little dreamy and big.  I do hope you consider them though.  Not just for my benefit, but more importantly for the benefit of all WordPress bloggers current and future.  That being said, my third wish is a simple one, one that you have probably had asked for before I’m sure, so nothing original or creative from me on this one.

I’m a single mom of 3, with 1 kid in university and the other 2 living at home with me.  Last year, I demoted myself career-wise to make a better life for my awesome kids and my awesome self.  I left a management career to take a job instead, one that would earn me enough to pay the bills and put a wee bit into the rainy day fund.  A job that would free up my time to spend more of it doing the two things I love to do the most in this world – spend time with my kids and pursue my dream of becoming a published author.

I am loving my experiences so far with WordPress and am hoping to one day be able to afford the $129/yr CDN fee to be on the Premium plan.  However, it just isn’t in my budget right now or any time in the near future.  I’m just a newbie blogger but really do want to work on establishing myself as a pro blogger one day.  Your site says the Premium plan is great for pro bloggers.  Allowing me to be on the Premium plan for the next year on the house will bring me a lot closer to attaining my blogging status goal.  And then while I’ll have the Premium plan for the next year at no charge, I’ll start to put away 35¢ a day for the next year so that I can pay the annual fee myself.  I do believe in paying your own way, when you can.  And when you can’t, looking for support in paving that way until you can take over and do it yourself.  You can consider it a belated Christmas In July random act of kindness.  And I’ll pay it forward in some way, I promise.  And we’ve got lots of witnesses here to hold me accountable to my words.
Well, there they are.  My three wishes for the consideration of The Daily Post.  Will this be my lucky day?  Don’t know, guess I’ll find out after I publish this post.  But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if my wishes are granted or not.  What matters is that I tried.  I shot for the moon.  And even if I miss, I’ll land among the stars.  No wait – I am already among the stars.  I’m a WordPress blogger and I’m here with all of you.  That’s enough to make my day today.
Featured image source:   95C user on, CC0 public domain

5 thoughts on “Shoot For The Moon …

  1. I hope you get your wishes. I had thought of your second one before. I wonder,though, would there be a potential problem for the established, popular bloggers. Could they be inundated with messages? I don’t know. Thanks :).

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