‘Tis The Season!

Get the tinsel out, hang the wreath on the door, put up some mistletoe … it’s Christmas in July!

That’s right folks, it’s one of my favourite days of the year, next to Christmas in December of course.  The big day is only 5 months away now, or 23 weeks less a day, or … see for yourself just how close it is here at one of my top bookmarks!

And while yes, it may be a bit away yet, the messages of Christmas apply year-round:

Kindness   ♥   Charity   ♥   Love   ♥   Celebration   ♥   Sharing   ♥   Peace   ♥   Joy

Here is a list of things many of us traditionally do over the holiday season, but that ALL of us can do at any time of the year … including NOW!

  • Donate somewhere, ANYWHERE!  The Sally Ann volunteers may not be at the malls right now with their bells & baskets but they exist for “giving hope today”.  Today is every day.
  • Go shopping!  Buy a toy to donate to your local shelter, hospital, or police department.  A smile on a child’s face is merry at any time of the year.
  • Put together a playlist of your all-time favourite holiday hits.  Take a listen to it, feel the love, and then pass that love on to others by sharing the playlist link or make them a CD.  Don’t forget to save the playlist – you’ll be hoping you did when December rolls around!
  • Do you love to watch the great holiday classic movies like It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, or A Christmas Carol?  Why not put on a non-seasonal classic and watch it with your family.  Show your kids what movies were like “back in the day”.  Suggestions:   Casablanca, Gone With The Wind, or one of my all-time faves, The Wizard Of Oz.
  • Decorate a little.  Having special somethings around you is good for your soul.  Put some old family pictures in frames & hang them up.  Place kids’ school-made “treasures” out on display.  Heck, pull out the best china you have and enjoy a great BBQ meal on them!
  • Decorate an indoor or outdoor tree or larger plant.  Could be with Christmas type lights, white ones look good year-round.  Or put your creativity hat on and come up with a theme for the decorations:  fun in the sun, summer trinkets, or school stuff (they will go back eventually, promise!).
  • Even better, go all out and put your Christmas lights up outside.  Or plug them in if you hadn’t taken them down yet!  For many of you, the weather now is better for that activity than the weather in December, that’s for sure.  Once turned on, you’ll be the talk of the block.  Great conversation piece to get to know your neighbours.
  • Have an “Ugly Summer Swag” party.  That’s right, ugly isn’t just for Christmas sweaters anymore.
  • Sleigh rides are always fun to do over the holidays.  At this time of the year, maybe you have a nearby Amish or Mennonite community that offers horse’n’buggy rides.  Or perhaps in your own city or a nearby one, take a sightseeing tour on a double-decker bus.  Put your best touristy outfit on and take your loved ones on a stay-cation and see the sights.
  • Visit loved ones you don’t see very often, the infirm, or the elderly.  Doesn’t apply to your family situation?  Friendly visitors are always needed for various community group programs so contact your local volunteering office to find out more about those kinds of opportunities near you.

Need some more ideas?

Check out this awesome Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar!

Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar badge

It’s last year’s version but regardless, there are some wonderful ways to spread some kindness all year long.  Check out Day 18 – make lemonade!  That’s sure to be an easy one to do right now, if it’s summer in your part of the world like it is in mine.

And on that note, I did receive some bad news recently so found a lemon in my glass if you will. But rather than harp on that, I’d like to turn that lemon into lemonade and wish a very happy birthday to my dear friend.  I call her “Lovely” all the time because that is exactly what she is to me.  Lovely – thanks for being there for me not only around getting that bad news, but all year long.  You are one of the best gifts I’ve been given in my life and for you, I am truly grateful.

I love you lovely!  xxoo Marianne

Featured image source:   AForestFrolic on flickr.com

10 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season!

    • Thanks so much Ranu, really happy to hear you enjoyed the post. White Christmas is a staple on my playlists. I have a vinyl of Bing’s recording of just that song on it in my collection. Always goes up on the wall in a frame at Christmas time – love it! Marianne


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