Go Ahead Friend, Park In A Puddle


Tom Duggan, flickr.com, CC 2.0

My first draft of a response to today’s Daily Prompt was approaching 1,000 words.  Way too long for a simple “life lesson learned” sharing I wanted to write so here’s the condensed version …

Nope, won’t do it, sorry.  I don’t have anything to say in direct response to today’s Daily Prompt:

Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

I’m being a “DP Rebel” again.  And yes, I have a cause.  I’m trying to remove words like regret, remorse, etc. from how I think about myself and my days gone by.  One of my other posts will tip you off to some of my rationale behind that, but I’ll enlighten you a bit more with respect to the word never here.

To me, the word N-E-V-E-R stands for this:


When I consider things from my past that perhaps I am of the opinion would not be best for a friend to duplicate in their autobiography, I realize I learned things from those experiences.  So why would I do something that might prevent a friend from learning something?  Ludicrous.

So rather than saying statements like “Never do _____ …” to friends or anyone for that matter, I simply try to share my own experience, strength, and hope and let them form their own opinions and thoughts and choose their own actions as they so see fit.

And who knows?  Maybe parking smack dab middle in a humongous puddle, stepping into it in heels and almost falling into it upon getting out of their car, right before going in for a job interview, might be what kicks off their conversation on a lighthearted note where they get to demonstrate their ability to deal with challenges and maintain a positive attitude, and that’s exactly what lands them the job they so desire?  It didn’t for me, but better things came my way and that’s all I need to remember and be grateful for right now.  And this opportunity to review that day and have a good laugh about it.  Priceless.


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