Is There An Otto Titsling Theme Out There?

WARNING TO DA BOYS:  This post contains explicit mention of ladies undergarments.  But in a hum-drum practical kinda way, sorry.

I like my blog theme.  Haven’t used it to its full functionality yet, I’m a newbie so still learning.  What I didn’t like was looking for it.  It was an arduous, time-consuming, and overwhelming task.  Until I got my tech-savvy 20 yr old daughter to help.  Then it was easy.  I gave her a wish list from my window shopping of other sites I liked, and made her go find the right one for me.  I’ll likely change it one day but for now I am quite content with it.

The assignment for Day 5 in Blogging 101 is to Love Your Theme:   try out 3+ other themes including one you would never use.  Okay, I will just because I try to be a good student.  But not until after I get over the stress it causes me to even think about going through the process again, especially without my kid around.  Knowing me, I’ll adopt the theme I don’t like, mess up my settings, and lose posts.

Thinking about the assignment though reminded me of another task I don’t like to do, but must on occasion:  shop for a new bra.  Did reading that make you squint your eyes and raise your eyebrows?  Here’s how I see some similarities …

  • They both have to “fit just right”:  suitable width and cup size; tailored layout and functionality.
  • Don’t want something about them that shouldn’t be there:  no underarm muffin tops; no over-the-top irrelevant embed.
  • Good to have a little cleavage showing:  maybe a little padding or a push-up; maybe some colour or whimsy.  But not so they distract from the core:  the person; the content.

“First rule of cleavage:  it’s not how low you go, but where and when you show.”

Elisabeth Dale, The Breast Life™

  • Variety is the spice of life:   going a bit risqué or with a different style; adding some videos or reblogging a follower’s post.
  • Material matters:  comfortable and looks right under the clothes it will be worn with; naturally written and blends well with its surroundings.
  • Consider from all angles:   fitting rooms with multiple surrounding mirrors; viewed on different devices.
  • Even the smallest ones need support:   underwires or sporty fit;  WordPress’ Forums and Community Pool.
  • Easy to use:  effortless clasps and simple strap adjustments; fluid navigation through menus and categories.
  • Helpful to get expert advice:  having a bra-fitter do proper measurements and make suggestions; asking others to measure your site up and provide feedback.

And most importantly …


I’ll let you interpret the bra relation to success in your own way;  be a “Tenacious Blogger”.


Photo source: SceeneShoes on etsy

6 thoughts on “Is There An Otto Titsling Theme Out There?

  1. Good reference to a good movie!

    I hate wearing bras. Don’t during the summer months at all! Not even when I go out in public. Was blessed not to take after my mother’s side of the family’s cleavage. We are talking double letters here!

    Using you children for computer help is a good way to create a family bonding moment! She gets to be the teacher.

    Great post. Keep posting!
    Jeanette Hall

    Liked by 1 person

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