“If You Build It, [S]He Will Come”

This post is for my Blogging 101 Day 4 assignment:  Identify Your Audience.

Publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Okay, I get the “build it” part of the title quote that is from the movie Field Of Dreams.  I am building my blog right now.  It’s still very much a work in progress especially re: the technical stuff like layout, widgets, menus, etc.  But it’s getting there.  Now for the second part of the quote:  who will come to it?  Who already has come to my blog?  And the bigger question:  WHY did/will they come to my blog?

Gee, I’m not all that sure I know now that I ask myself that somewhat rhetorical question.

“I have just created something illogical.”     Ray Kinsella, Field Of Dreams

When I started this blog, the only target audience I had in mind was me.  I wasn’t trying to specifically capture anyone’s attention.  I didn’t set out to look like an expert on anything.  Heck, I’m not even an expert on me.  I write for the pure sake of writing.  On topics that are of interest, debate, or contemplation to me, myself, and I.  Much to Freud’s delight I’m sure, my id, ego, and super-ego are having a blast with this blog.

I didn’t have a clue who would follow my blog, or who I even wanted to follow it.  Okay, well maybe I did just a little.  I figured a friend or two might follow it ‘just because’.  I wondered if maybe my kids would hit the “Follow” button just to humour their mama like they did when they became my first Facebook friends.  Beyond that, nope, not a gosh darn clue.

I just looked at my Followers list.  Some I know have come my way through my [almost] daily posts to the Daily Prompts page.  Some have just started following via connecting with me through the Blogging 101 course.  The rest, I don’t know how or where they found me.  And why any of them followed me, that befuddles me.  Maybe as the days pass, and if the number of followers increase, I’ll get a feel for why they signed up for a dose of my insanity here and there.

Regardless, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to those who are following me now.  I’ll admit seeing that plus sign show up in my notification area feels good.  But more important to me is how you feel.  You must have read something you liked in some way.  And just liking something feels good too I know.  So whatever it was that you read that made you decide to follow me, I’m glad you liked it.

“I [we] need all the karma I [we] can get right now.”    Ray Kinsella, Field Of Dreams

So I know I didn’t fully complete today’s assignment because I’m unsure of how to write a post to a type of reader I have yet to define.  But the homework has at least put the concept of an “ideal audience” in my mind, so I will be thinking about it more in the near future.  As for the second half of the assignment, the new-to-me element, mission accomplished.  I only recently got an Instagram account, mostly to follow people I already know.  But I did just also start to follow two brothers who do art in the form of movie and song lyric quotes, and I love love love quotes!  So, for the first time for me at least, here’s an embedded image from one of their Instagram accounts:

PS –  I also added the Blogging 101 badge to my site.  Easy peasy!

“Go the distance.”     The Voice, Field Of Dreams

Photo source: Jason Cordes user on Flickr.com, public domain

18 thoughts on ““If You Build It, [S]He Will Come”

  1. This is fantastic! I totally relate to this part about writing for yourself and not really thinking anyone would read it. I’m there. I literally started this 4 days but I love it so far. I love the layout of your site. The black and white header is perfect.

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  2. I’m going to follow, Marianne, and I’ll tell you why: you write with a clear voice, with vulnerability and optimism, with humor and an awareness and appreciation of the feelings of others. I look forward to more doses of your insanity.

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  3. I initially started writing for myself too, but now I find myself engaging with the community just as important. I was surprised by that because I never considered myself a social media person, but this blogging has got me hooked. People expose their truth blogging in a way that other mediums cannot compete. I am encouraged and inspired by the bloggers I’ve connected with. Beautiful site. You have a new follower in me:-)

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    • You’re so right, being a part of the community is just as important. And I can relate, I’m a bit of a social media introvert too but have really been able to get into this blogging world for some reason. Thanks for the visit at along the side of the road and the follow too! Have a happy day, Marianne

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