A Very, Very Fine House


Today’s Daily Prompt:

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?


A famil20150708_114827[1]y:  passings by of the lives of a teen, twenty-something, and middle-aged female.  The family loves each other, the child/sibling who doesn’t reside here anymore, and their mom/gram now their angel as demonstrated in the various picture frames.  Well used couches from watching Netflix together.  “I love you mom” written on a sticky note by the twenty-something and on the bulletin board near desk.

20150708_113958[1]Music lover:   30 yr old all-in-one radio, cassette player, & turntable.  Retro Superman radio player.  Brass album stand holding about 100 vinyl (loads more in the basement if you were looking there too).  3 frames currently holding Elvis, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole records.  Laptop with one tab open streaming Sirius XM live; channel changes frequently, currently on The Bridge.  “Been there Rocked that” plaque.  Some 45’s.

20150708_114027[1]Writer & book lover:   other laptop tabs open to this blog, book folder, and a quotes page.  “Don’t write to sell, write to tell” written on chalkboard beside desk by the teen for mom’s inspiration.  “Finding Your Writer’s Voice” book in shelf on desk, among several more writing books.  Pottery bowl on desk with “Write like nobody’s reading” written on it, painted by this blog author.  Other books scattered throughout room, mostly those that have had some sort of significant impact on the owner’s life.
20150708_114526[1]Other “stuff”:  new passports used in May for family trip to Cleveland.  Souvenirs from that trip.  Quotes on all sorts of things.  Candles, lots and lots of candles.  Willow Tree angel collection.  Gidgets and gadgets for tech stuff.  Christmas stuff kept out year-round because the season is loved so much.  A never-empty coffee cup.  Things that probably should make their way to the recycle bin or garbage can.  Momentos of lives already well lived in and outside of this home.

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