My Blog = My Author Apprenticeship

A new round of Blogging 101 just started and I’m participating to improve my blogging skills.  Today’s task is to do a “who I am and why I’m here” post so here goes …

My name is Marianne and I hail from Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  I am a 45-yr old, peri-menopausal, single mom of 3 in the eye of the storm of a midlife crisis … and having the time of my life being all of those things!

I created the blog address a couple of years ago but found the technical stuff too daunting at the time.  Made my first post earlier this year after being motivated by Stevie Nicks at a Fleetwood Mac concert.  Still found the techie stuff a tad overwhelming so only really got into using my blog last month after one of my kids helped me get some of the basics set up.  Isn’t it great when your kids get to teach you something in life?

My dream is to be a published author and I have known this since I was a little girl.  Wrote a lot of poetry and short stories in my youth and early adult years but then “life” [read: university, kids, marriage, jobs, etc.] took over and my writing stopped.  My fingers hit the keyboard again last fall and the novel idea that’s been on my mind for 10+ years is now in progress.  My book and my blog share the same title:   along the side of the road.

I wanted this blog primarily to give me another writing outlet, especially when I reach those quiet lulls while penning the book.  A favourite quote of mine was part of the driving force of getting to blogging, as it reminded me I can still be a “writer” even when not writing the novel.  I’m not a huge diary/journal writer, my warped sense of perfectionism gets in the way and if I don’t write in it daily, I feel some sense of failure.  Silly me.  Thanks Epictetus for pointing out the obvious.

My gratitude to WordPress’ own site The Daily Post as well.  I am still crafting my “blog elevator speech” to define the stuff I’d like to be writing about here, but their Daily Prompts keep me writing even when I’m not sure myself on what I’d like to write about.  So far my posts have been about my own life stuff, writing, quotes & jingles, and music seems to find its way into a lot of my posts somehow or other.

For a bit more reading on me, my blog, and my book, please visit my About: Words Of Relevance page.  And be sure to check out the link for my post A 45 Pulled From The Jukebox Of My Life.  There are some hidden gems in there my own family and friends might not even know about me.

I view my blog on WordPress and taking their Blogging 101 course as my virtual on-the-job placement as an “Author’s Apprentice”.  I am looking forward to learning from others just starting to type away and from those who have honed their skills.  I want to read, listen, see, think, and be inspired.  And I hope one day to offer those same gifts in return.

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.”

Elvis Presley


8 thoughts on “My Blog = My Author Apprenticeship

  1. Marianne, reading your post makes me feel like I met family! The writing – expressing yourself-creatively dream, the middle-age crisis and all… That’s why the name of my blog – your’s is one more confirmation.


  2. Like you If had the blog account for a couple of years. I just couldn’t make sense of the technical stuff. So I’d try it for a while get frustrated and go do something else. I took this Blogging 101 course to hopefully get me get me over that hurdle.


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