She Loves Me Like A Rock

In response to today08 Christmas 050‘s Daily Prompt, the first virtual album I opened was Christmas 08.  The first pic I’m in is with my mom on Christmas Day.  However she was quite ill at the time and I could just hear her stomping on heaven’s floor shouting – “don’t use that one – I look terrible!”.  Okay mom, I won’t.  Suffice to say, the pic shows both of us enjoying the special day and the adoring love we had for each other in our eyes.  My eyes are fully closed in the next pic I came across that I’m in but I’m using it anyway.  I trust some more parent-child love can be seen in it.

Below is a YouTube video for Paul Simon’s “Loves Me Like A Rock”.  I picked this song not just because it’s fitting for this post, but also because all of my mom, my son, and I love Paul Simon.  My mom didn’t listen to much contemporary music, but I have the concert DVD this clip comes from and she liked watching it.  Even in the later stages of my mom’s several illnesses, I remember her sitting in my recliner with her feet up on the foot rest just a tappin’ along to the music.  She especially liked this song as it also has Stevie Wonder in it and The Dixie Hummingbirds, an American Gospel band.

My son is a big Paul Simon fan too and he can credit me for playing so much of his music while my son was growing up, especially the “Graceland” album.  Just last month, my kids and I went on a vacation to Cleveland and the highlight of the trip was visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum.  They currently have a Paul Simon exhibition on and my son and I were in that section the longest I’m sure.

Finally, “Loves Me Like A Rock” is on my funeral party playlist.  It’s on there both in dedication to my mom for her unwavering and unconditional love for me that gave me strength and the foundation to become what I can only hope will be as good of a mom as her.  It’s also for my son, because he likes the song and the artist of course but also because after I have passed, I want him to know I will do exactly what the lyrics say:  “she gets down on her knees and hugs me, she loves me like a rock”.

Photo source:   someone in my family!  –  me hugging my son  –  Christmas 2008

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