3 Clues For A Crossword Puzzle About Me

If I ever make a crossword puzzle about myself, here are three possible clues for the first word:

Clue 1:  to elude or thwart by or as if outwitting

Clue 2:  to deviate from Hoyle

Clue 3:  author of this blog post

And the solution would be:     cheater

There, I’ve admitted it on the world wide web.  And my own kids don’t even know it.

It just started last night after I installed a couple of crossword puzzle games onto my phone.  I had been thinking about crossword puzzles ever since I wrote a list of 45 things about me for my About page.  One of them, #27, had been bothering me and I decided to do something to see if I could change it.  The thing about me in reference here is:

As much as I love words and writing and such, I’m terrible at crossword puzzles.  That’s always kind of befuddled me.

I’m lousy at Scrabble and Boggle too and just about any game where you have to come up with a word based on either available letters or clues.  And yet I love being on dictionary or thesaurus sites looking up meanings of, origins of, and other ways to say a word.  So you would think I had a chance at getting through some so-called “easy” crossword puzzles right?  Nope.  I think I was only 4 words in when I had to go online to use a crossword solver.

Not sure where this will take me.  It might just keep nagging at me and motivate me to do more crosswords and maybe even get good at them one day.  Much research shows even trying to do them is good for the brain and can help improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s.  Or it could frustrate me so much that I postpone that idyllic concept and put it on a 5-year goals list instead.  Or perhaps I should just take up origami instead, using pages from crossword puzzle books as my canvas.

Photo source:   web.mit.edu/puzzle/www/2014/puzzle-solution/cross_pollination

2 thoughts on “3 Clues For A Crossword Puzzle About Me

  1. I’m a writer too and yet also not good at crossword puzzles or Boggle. I think it is because in both cases words are used in isolation and for writers words are intimate with one another. Very intimate. Only the context can suggest the “perfect” word. I also can’t spell. And that has never bothered me past the 6th grade.

    By the way I got to this post via your 45 page – which I thoroughly enjoyed. Your motto of write like no one is reading is one I can relate to. And I might add, publish only what you enjoy reading.

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    • That’s a really good point LuAnne, never thought of it that way re: the intimacy with which we use our words in writing. My confusion over the matter is solved! 🙂
      And love the extension of my motto too, thanks for adding that.
      Glad you enjoyed your visit along the side of the road, thanks for taking the time to comment for me, love the interaction with my readers.
      Wishing you a kindness-filled kinda day … Marianne

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