Online Dating Turned Me Into A Blogger

I’m not ashamed to say it – I am a member of an online dating community.  Have been off & on since last summer.  By off I mean sometimes only being on the free type of membership and not actively using the services.  By on I mean investing money & time into using the site to maybe find a new partner to share my life with.  Virtually met some very interesting men out there, even went on a few dates, but haven’t been successful at finding someone to start a relationship of sorts with.  Lately, my focus on my writing has substantially increased so just a few days ago, I cancelled my paid subscription renewal.  Guess I’m back to the off scenario, at least for now.

What I realized recently though is being on that site kind of prepared me to get this blog started.  Here’s how I see it …

♦  I put my heart into both, literally & figuratively.

♦  I put myself out there for the world to see, warts and typos and all.  Well, no, I don’t have warts, but you probably get what I’m saying.  I talk about myself, something I can be hesitant to do.  My online dating profile and my blog are subject to judgement, criticism, and rejection.  But they are also open to interest, positive feedback, and acceptance.

♦  I share my interests with others hoping to connect with like-minded souls.

♦  I write, and write, and write some more.  Drafting, reviewing, editing, tweaking, and finally the scariest part of all – hitting the almighty “Publish” button.

♦  I research for both.  What to write, how to write it, viewing other profiles and other blogs.  I even did what Amy Webb in her Data, A Love Story book suggests:  create a fake profile for the gender you are trying to attract so you can check out your competition.  Ha ha, that was kinda fun I’ll admit.

♦  I put care and time into selecting what pictures/images to use.  A picture says a thousand words as the old cliché goes.  I’d like to note that I don’t use selfies in either site!

♦  I read about the people behind the profiles/blogs and follow suggestions that the two websites recommend for me.  This leads to some very interesting reading and is the path to opening up communication with others.

So, who woulda thunk that giving online dating a go would be a precursor to me [finally!] getting a blog up & running?  Once again, gratitude in hindsight presents itself in my heart with 20:20 vision.

2 thoughts on “Online Dating Turned Me Into A Blogger

  1. Putting oneself “out there” can be really challenging, a true act of courage – but I know no better way to getting to know oneself, reaching out to the world, and, who knows, finding people that can be really significant.


    • Oh how true the words you write, couldn’t agree with you more. Both my blogging and my online dating experiences have lead me to a lot of soul searching and even if “nothing” comes of either, I am grateful for the opportunity to know myself a bit better. Here’s to watching for those significant others to appear in all aspects of our lives. Marianne

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